What is the world of DiD without a little fantasy thrown in? Whether you’re looking for a story about Wonder Woman or Batgirl gagged, Black Canary chloroformed or Daphne kidnapped and tied up, this will be the section for you. Some stories will also have pictures to go along with them to make the reading all the more pleasurable. So kick back, relax and just read through some of these free stories written by other community members.

List Of Stories:

  • Asakura's proposal

    Asakura Ryouko had a number of different things she was known for by others. At school she was known for being an ever charming, freshman class representative. At the high end apartment complex she lived at, she was that nice girl next door. To the oth...

  • Tsuruya's Bunny Knockout

    Ever since that one day I decided to talk to that nut, my life's been turned upside down. I don't believe you could find a person more demanding if you searched the world over 15,000 times. An individual who's stubbornness would have to be registere...

  • What the Leaf Conceals

    ...kneeling down, she looked Asuka straight in the face for a few seconds. After this, she started looping a long length of rope around her shoulders. The straps of Asuka's cream dress had fallen off her arms in the struggle, and were first pinned, then all but obscured by the rope. Asuka looked down at herself, watching in horror as her bare shoulders were isolated from the rest of her body by that which held her ever tighter in bondage...

  • SOS parkbench detectives

    Haruhi and the SOS girls investigate a park subject to a rising number of school girl kidnappings. Haruhi's sure they'll solve the mystery, but their detective work might bring them a bit closer to the culprit than they might find comfortable.

  • Haruhi Christmas Capered

    I felt a bit inspirational this Christmas, and NX asked me EVER so gracefully to share it here. Haruhi has an encounter with Santa that doesn't quite go her way.