Welcome to AnimeGagged.com! For a long time now, DiD fans didn’t really have any place to go for all their DiD needs. I started this website in an attempt to create a consolidated DiD fanpage where artists can freely share their artwork with the world. Gagged damsel websites die faster than they spring up these days. Small scale communities can’t really reach out to enough people. And evil Deviant Art insists on removing or banning many of our best pieces. I hope that AnimeGagged can give all DiD artists and fans out there an avenue to freely express themselves and enjoy the art.

Although the website is named AnimeGagged, it welcomes anything that deals with cartoon, comic, manga or anime damsels bound and gagged. Artwork, manipulations, stories, video links, discussions, general screwing around and having fun… ANYTHING!

Anyone is free to register as a user and start posting their own pictures. Any gagged damsel artwork is allowed but please refrain from posting the extreme pictures. Gore, scat, killing etc. You get the drift. Anything apart from those, I have no problems at all.

Finally, if you like this site, tell your subscribers, fans or website visitors about us and make a link back here. In the meantime, enjoy AnimeGagged.com!